How to unblock PEMERSATUDOTFUN (

There are several ways you can bypass government censorship in their countries.

1 - Use alternate domains

You can try:

Some websites that are restricted around the world create alternative domains so they can bypass firewalls from countries that restrict access to their website.

Because we know that PEMERSATUDOTFUN ( is blocked in several countries, we have created alternative domains so that our users can access our content without restriction.

Our alternative website is If you decide to use this site when you're in a restricted country, make sure to delete your history, so there is no record of it. If you haven't left your country yet and you want more info on accessing eponer, then go to .

However, please know that if you are in a country that restricts their internet, and you wind up interacting with the law, do everything you can to not draw attention to your computer or phone. If the police checks your electronic devices and sees that you have a VPN, you will be arrested and thrown in jail. The embassy of your country may not be able to help you, and you could be stuck in prison for a long time.

2 - Changing your DNS provider

A DNS or Domain Name Service provider has a specific address for every website on the internet. The ISP that you use to connect to the internet records every site that you visit. it does this by logging the DNS number of the website. If you reroute a DNS number, your computer's information will go through a different ISP than the one that is government restricted. To bypass a DNS block, you will have to get a little bit technical.

Open your wi-fi settings and select the properties box. After that, search for the option that says, "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" Click on this and then switch the numbers to If that doesn't work, then use

Once you do this, you will be able to access any sites that were restricted by the country that you now reside in.

We recommend one of these:

3 - VPN

A Virtual Private Network is a service that codes all of the information you send into the internet and hides it from your ISP. It can also reroute all of the information you send out to another area of the world. Your IP address will change, and anyone who sees your information will think you are in the country that you rerouted to. By using a VPN, you can bypass government controls by pretending to be from another country. Many VPNs can reroute your information through many countries around the world. So, if you're experiencing a slow internet connection in an area, you can switch to a country. We recommend Canada.

How to Unblock PEMERSATUDOTFUN ( from government censorship blocks

The world needs the internet to function. We use it for everything now in this digital age, and we will only become more reliant on it as technology develops further. In the middle of this, there is an ongoing struggle about censorship by the government. Restricted websites are already an everyday reality for billions of people across the globe. Governments don't want their citizens to see sites that would cause them to revolt, or websites that country leaders decided are not good and moral. Strong moral standards set by the government are often interpreted as no porn or sex and no LGBT acknowledgment. If you ever go to a country where they restrict access to specific sites, like porn, we have written a quick guide so you can bypass these blocks and still get your adult entertainment fix here at PEMERSATUDOTFUN (

What are the reasons a government would restrict their countries internet?

Heads of the state that choose to block websites want to develop a narrative in their country and don't want opposition against it. Governments want to keep their wrongdoings a secret from their own citizens. Censorship also comes in different forms. Japan, for example, has an open internet, but it doesn't want its citizens to know about the Rape of Nanking in WW2 because it makes Japanese soldiers look barbaric. So, the government restricts access to it. China is the most effective and restrictive example of censorship. The government hires minders to watch over text messages, phone calls, emails, and social media. If the Chinese government decides to censor something, citizens won't be able to text the censored words in their papers or text messages or comments.

Why do some countries block access to porn pages?

Many countries, especially religious ones, decide that view pornography is not in the best interest of their citizens. They tell their public that it taints the mind. Some leaders have also stated that too much pornography in their society keeps people from getting married and having children, influences criminals to rob and steal, and will destroy the moral fabric of society if left unchecked. While a few studies are showing that pornography can be detrimental to a person's mindset, especially if they view a lot of violent porn, it is not as society destroying as these government officials say.

Which countries have already blocked PEMERSATUDOTFUN (

So far, we know of three countries that have decided to stop their citizens from watching our content. We at PEMERSATUDOTFUN ( are saddened by China's, India's, and Russia's decision to block us from their internet. But government restrictions are hard to protest, especially in these countries. We also find it strange that PEMERSATUDOTFUN ( is restricted in these countries, when porn already exists in China, Russia, and India. But the governments wish to control what their people want to watch when they're aroused. We can only assume that we were blocked because we have too much variety and also many videos of people of all sexualities having fun. So, Dear Russia, China, and India, we'll be right here if you ever decide that what your citizens do with their genitals is their own business.


An overreaching and authoritarian can invade the lives of their people and prevent their lives from being normal. Problems like this will grow more influential in the next decade. So, we must be vigilant and continuously improve ways to access restricted sites, no matter their content.